2022 Autumn Budget guide

18 November 2022
Photo by Steve Smith on Unsplash

Following the Chancellor’s 2022 Autumn Budget announcement yesterday, please see our guide and commentary by clicking on the image below:

Following the new Chancellor’s measures announced on 17 October, in response to the turmoil caused by his predecessor’s Mini-Budget at the end of September, Jeremy Hunt introduced the government’s third fiscal statement in as many months on 17 November, against a backdrop of rising inflation and economic recession.

The Chancellor laid out three core priorities of stability, growth and public services. The government sought a balanced path to support the economy and return to growth, partially through public spending restraint and partially through tax rises.

Throughout the guide you will find informative comments to help you assess the effect that the proposed changes may have on you personally.

In addition to ensuring that your accounts are accurate and fully compliant, we can also review your position in order to suggest potential strategies to minimise your tax liability and maximise your profitability.

If you would like more detailed, one-to-one advice on any of the issues raised in the Budget or more generally, please do get in touch with us.

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