Your immediate goal? To think long term

Your first steps in business should set you up for the long haul. Get it right at the start and nothing will hold you back later.

We’ll take the time to discuss your ideas in detail, talk about your goals, and then structure your business in the most advantageous way. This might be as a limited company (LTD), limited liability partnership (LLP), or as a sole trader. It depends entirely on the tax and risk implications.

Our team will also recommend the best accounting software for your specific needs. Do you need an online package like QuickBooks or require a more sophisticated platform like Xero or FreeAgent? We can also suggest a suitable banking partner and help you with things like PAYE and VAT.

You’ll receive help and advice every step of the way. We can look over your business plan, identify things you might have overlooked such as public liability insurance, plus we’ll explain exactly what needs to be done on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis in plain English.

Taking the business plunge is an exciting time but also one that requires careful forward planning. There’s no time like the present to think about the future.

Accounting Services

Why tie up valuable time and resources with routine bookkeeping and accounting? That's something we can do for you - either at your office or ours.

Corporate tax planning

We are extremely proactive and always plan ahead when handling your corporation tax.


Don’t divert time and resources away from your core business. Our team can handle payroll for you.


Our experts will identify the best way to handle Value Added Tax for your particular business.

Mick Audsley

Client stories

"They give me a sense of wellbeing throughout the year. I’m not an accountant, my brain is not a mathematical one, and so I’ve always leaned on Auker Hutton’s friendly support and advice."

Mick Audsley

Mick Audsley

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