Year-end is just the beginning

We help SMEs throughout the year not just at busy periods. Our team are constantly thinking of ways to help your business, so everything runs smoothly day-to-day and you’re prepared for your next step. 

We can handle your payroll, bookkeeping, and VAT returns – all the regular accountancy tasks you need on a monthly or quarterly basis – or we can fulfil specific roles so you don’t have to employ a permanent member of staff in house. Outsourcing is increasingly popular and many clients ask us to fulfil management accountant or director roles.

There will always be someone on hand to answer your questions and ensure your finances are ship shape. We also keep a close eye on upcoming changes that might impact your business. This proactive approach puts you in the best possible position to adapt and grow. 

Preparing your accounts

After year-end we’ll be in touch to explain what happens next. We’ll need all your information by a set date in order to file your accounts with time to spare before the deadline.

Once we’ve prepared your draft accounts we’ll invite you to come over and review them. We’ll explain your tax position and discuss any relevant planning issues.

This is a great opportunity to talk about your goals for the coming year and beyond. Are there ways to make you more tax efficient? Is now a good time to distribute money differently? We’ll talk you through your options clearly so you feel at ease and in control.

Accounting Services

Why tie up valuable time and resources with routine bookkeeping and accounting? That's something we can do for you - either at your office or ours.

Management accounting support

Not only can our management accounting support save you money; it also provides on-going advice and an independent sounding board before you make big decisions.

Bookkeeping systems and software support

There are many options when deciding what book-keeping system to use. Whether you prefer to use specialist accounting software, spreadsheets, or keep a manual cashbook, we will work with you to decide the most appropriate system for you.


We can get you ready for audit by preparing statutory accounts that comply with the regulations.

Mick Audsley

Client stories

"They give me a sense of wellbeing throughout the year. I’m not an accountant, my brain is not a mathematical one, and so I’ve always leaned on Auker Hutton’s friendly support and advice."

Mick Audsley

Mick Audsley

Sprocket Rocket Soho Ltd, London

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