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To move away from full time editing and keep on an even keel

Mick Audsley

Sprocket Rocket Soho Ltd, London


A freelancer film editor since the 1970s, Mick has edited some of the UK’s favourite films including Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire, Murder On The Orient Express, and Twelve Monkeys. He first sought financial input from Auker Hutton back the 1980s and has stayed with the firm ever since.

Mick’s family has built a close relationship with the team. His father became good friends with Charles Hutton many years ago and his wife Joke Van Wijk, the co director of Sprocket Rocket Soho, also uses Auker Hutton to look after her personal affairs. The firm covers all sides of the family’s finances – from business affairs to personal tax and pensions.

The Challenge

Life as a freelance film editor presents unique challenges. The opportunities are exciting but it’s hard to plan ahead financially. “That’s showbiz,” says Mick “you never know when the next big project will come along”. Consequently he always keeps money in reserve for quieter periods.

Because it’s tricky to predict his income from one year to the next, Auker Hutton’s role has been to monitor Mick’s financial situation expertly, keep enough back to pay his taxes, and ensure his finances never get out of sync. Mick also wants to plan for the future and make room for more editing consultancy work.

The Process

Auker Hutton helps Mick with his books and handles his taxes, including VAT, capital gains, corporation tax, national insurance, self-assessment, and taxes on property. However, the firm has also kept his future in mind through the years and played an important consultative role. His company Sprocket Rocket Soho was structured in an advantageous way, and his finances have always been set up tax-efficiently.

Every year Mick catches up with Tony Burgoyne from Auker Hutton to review his position and plan ahead. This occasionally involves liaising with Mick’s financial advisor with whom Tony interacts cordially and effectively.


Mick’s finances have always remained very much on course. His questions have been answered promptly and he has felt reassured throughout. “Tony is always clear and on top of timetables; I feel informed and at ease” says Mick. Auker Hutton have also helped him to cope with life’s big financial commitments – buying property, having children, and preparing for retirement.

Above all, Mick appreciates Auker Hutton’s highly personalised approach. He feels valued and says his relationship with the firm has always been extremely comfortable. “I have nothing but praise. I’m grateful for the work they’ve done and I wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere”.

Next Steps

Now a veteran of the industry, Mick plans to do less full time editing and more consultancy work. He also has educational commitments at film schools and universities as he passes on his knowledge to the next generation.

"They give me a sense of wellbeing throughout the year. I’m not an accountant, my brain is not a mathematical one, and so I’ve always leaned on Auker Hutton’s friendly support and advice."

Mick Audsley
Sprocket Rocket Soho Ltd, London

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