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To start up a new coaching practice and work for herself

Beverly Landais, PCC

Beverly Landais Executive Coaching, Tunbridge Wells


After a distinguished career in marketing and business development, which included roles as head of marketing at Lloyds of London and CEO of Devereux Chambers, Beverly became increasingly convinced of the power of coaching to enable transformational change. Her leadership roles provided opportunities to use her coaching skills and it  gave her tremendous satisfaction to help people reach their full potential.

She further pursued her passion as head of internal coaching and marketing director at Saunderson House, an award-winning wealth management firm.  During this time, she qualified as a certified coach with the International Coach Federation. In 2016, after spending the best part of three decades in the corporate world, she felt ready for a new challenge and the opportunity to work for herself. She therefore sought advice from Auker Hutton, who had managed her personal taxation for many years.

The Challenge

Making the leap from a busy corporate environment to small business owner was an exciting but nerve-racking experience. It required meticulous preparation, careful financial planning, plus a great deal of self-confidence and vision. Auker Hutton’s role was to offer helpful advice, set her company up for the long haul, and make the transition as smooth as possible. 

The Process

Beverly’s project was a year in the making. She had several calls and meetings with Tony Burgoyne during this time to discuss her plans and find out precisely what was required. Everything was therefore in place when she took the plunge.

Tony ensured that her new practice was structured in the best possible way. He advised her to form a limited company, discussed an appropriate bank, and created an efficient billing and receipts system. Beverly also received help with FreeAgent, which was the best online accounting platform for her needs.

After launch Tony established a clear timetable for her accounts, handled HMRC, and provided on-going help and support. Every year they have a catch up to review her position, talk about the future, and discuss how her business might evolve. 


Beverly made the transition to new business owner with ease. She utilised her marketing and networking skills to quickly expand her client base whilst simultaneously improving her work-life balance.

Beverly attributes much of her success to her ability to focus on what she does best without distractions. Because she feels very comfortable with the way her company is set up, she’s able to grow her network, develop her skills, and provide her clients with the best possible service without worrying about her finances and tax affairs.

Next Steps

Beverly’s practice has been thriving for nearly four years. She remains on a sound financial footing, her diary for the year ahead is filling up, and she’s about to launch a new client portal to differentiate her service from other executive coaches. The future certainly looks bright.

"It’s a great situation to be in when you have someone who’s extremely competent, you trust them, and you feel that they’re on your side. Auker Hutton has proven to be one of the best business relationships I could have. They really listen, take time to get to know you, and it never feels like an off-the-shelf service."

Beverly Landais, PCC
Beverly Landais Executive Coaching, Tunbridge Wells

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