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About us

About us

Auker Hutton acts on behalf of many businesses of all types and sizes as well as individuals, trusts and other organisations. Our clients are mainly based in the south-east and London but also spread across the UK and abroad.

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We have also developed good working relationships with other local businesses and professionals and are often able to use those contacts for the benefit of our clients.

Our history

The firm was established way back in 1905 and was originally based in London at several addresses in the West End and City of London before moving to Sevenoaks in 1971 and then to Tunbridge Wells in 2004.

Tom Auker joined in 1920 before becoming a partner in 1925 and at this time the firm was renamed Auker & Co.

Shortly after the end of the war, Charles Hutton was introduced to Tom Auker with their fathers having served together in the RAF.

In 1971, Charles Hutton took the decision to split away from Auker & Co, moving to Sevenoaks as Auker Hutton together with Tim Crees, who had been employed by the firm since 1959.

The two of them remained partners until 1985 when Charles Hutton was succeeded by David Kirk, who joined the firm as a trainee in 1973.

It was following the retirement of Tim Crees that David decided to relocate to Tunbridge Wells in 2004.

The firm has since moved on to the next generation with the reins being passed to Tony Burgoyne in early 2016. Tony joins a long list of internal successors, having been with the firm since 2003.